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Can you take me hunting?

due to the high volume of people asking this question and my properties not being able to sustain that kind of pressure i do not take people hunting

Where can i find "X" species?

The best bet is to get out door knocking and chat to farmers, they can often give you a lead on where you might find the species you are after if they don't have them. 

Where can i hunt in WA?

Sadly there is only private land hunting in WA at this time. This means you have to get out and get door knocking to go hunting. We would love you to email, Call, Meet your local MP and let them know you would like them to open up some of our public land for hunting. 

How can i support The Aussie Outdoorsman?

We would love it if you could make sure you are subscribed to all over our social media including youtube. Giving our content a share really helps as well! If you are able to support us financially buying some of our merch or heading over to our patreon really helps cover the costs!

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